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Wd Green 1. 5 Tb Mobile Hard Drive: 2. 5 Inch, Sata Ii, 8 Mb Cache - WD15NPVT

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Wd Green 1 5 Tb Mobile Hard Drive 2
Wd Green 1 5 Tb Mobile Hard Drive 2 5 Inch Sata Ii 8 Mb Cache WD15NPVT Image 1

Searching for a hard disk drive? The Wd Green 1. 5 Tb Mobile manufactured by Western Digital is a superb hard disk drive. 0718037780320 is the model number for this item. One of the many features for these drives is the these drives are 15mm high, and will not fit into laptops/notebooks. Other features include things like 2 year limited warranty. The HDD dimensions are 0.59"H x 3.94"L x 2.75"W and has got a weight of 0.4 lbs. Best deal for the wd green 1. 5 tb mobile. For more information on this drive, click on the shopping cart add to cart button below.

Western Digital

Model: WD15NPVT
UPS: 718037780320
Package Quantity: 1

WD Green hard drives are designed for use in systems that call for cool and quiet operation, as secondary drives in PCs, for external enclosures and other applications for which low noise and low heat are beneficial. These 2. In addition, these challenging drives are quieter and cooler than traditional 7200 RPM drives. 5-inch hard drives are best for use whenever energy efficiency is necessary. They offer high capacity storage while using less power than traditional drives.


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