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Wd Blue 160 Gb Desktop Hard Drive: 3. 5 Inch, 7200 Rpm, Pata, 8 Mb Cache - WD1600AAJB

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Wd Blue 160 Gb Desktop Hard Drive 3
Wd Blue 160 Gb Desktop Hard Drive 3 5 Inch 7200 Rpm Pata 8 Mb Cache WD1600AAJB Image 1Wd Blue 160 Gb Desktop Hard Drive 3 5 Inch 7200 Rpm Pata 8 Mb Cache WD1600AAJB Image 2

Computer brainiacs urge a Wd Blue 160 Gb Desktop manufactured by Western Digital. The bar code (Universal Product Code) for this is 683728077167. I actually loved that the product had the feature of ships in certified frustration-free packaging. Other highlights include ultra cool and quiet. The WD hard drive is 1" Height x 5.8" Length x 4" Width and it has a weight of 1.1 lbs. Lowest price Wd Blue 160 Gb Desktop. Should you need a great deal for this WD hard drive, check out our store add to shopping cart button on this page.

Western Digital

Model: WD1600AAJB
UPS: 683728077167
Package Quantity: 1

You know, the only dilemma with the whole"use what you've got"notion is that often technology changes and you're stuck with gear that doesn't play well with the new stuff. What's more, Western Digital even has an eye to the future, ensuring your WD1600AAJB will keep running, thanks to a sweet 3-year warranty. It employed to become you couldn't swing a dead skunk without hitting an IDE drive or two, but not it's all SATA, SATA, SATA everywhere you look. Who knows, by then maybe even SATA will most likely be obsolete. Good factor for you, Western Digital nonetheless tends to make these bad boys. THREE YEARS!? A Western Digital 160GB WD1600AAJB 3. Spinning at a professional-standard 7,200rpm, the WD1600AAJB maintains a seek time of only 8. Even better, the format could possibly be"ancient"now, but the quality's nothing to scoff at. 9ms - that's plenty fast enough for high track counts and massive audio files. 5"internal EIDE challenging drive will function great with that legacy personal computer or difficult drive recorder of yours.


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