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Western Digital 640 Gb Caviar Black Sata 3 Gb/s 7200 Rpm 32 Mb Cache Bulk/oem Desktop Hard Drive - WD6401AALS

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640 Gb Caviar Black Sata 3 Gbs 7200
Western Digital 640 Gb Caviar Black Sata 3 Gbs 7200 Rpm 32 Mb Cache Bulkoem Desktop Hard Drive WD6401AALS Image 1Western Digital 640 Gb Caviar Black Sata 3 Gbs 7200 Rpm 32 Mb Cache Bulkoem Desktop Hard Drive WD6401AALS Image 2

Today, you an buy numerous merchandise from the comfort of your house. Just one of the major attributes is the ships in certified frustration-free packaging. The WD hard drive dimensions are 1"H x 5.8"L x 4"W and it has got a weight of 1.39 lbs. Awesome deal on 640 Gb Caviar Black Sata 3 Gbs 7200. If you need a good deal for this hard disk drive, click on our affilate add to cart button on this site.

Western Digital

Model: WD6401AALS
UPS: 718037729107
Package Quantity: 1

WD Caviar Black high performance 3. No Touch ramp load technologies – The recording head never touches the disk media ensuring significantly much less wear to the recording head and media too as better drive protection in transit. The secondary actuator uses piezoelectric motion to fine tune the head positioning to a greater degree of accuracy. Backed by a 5-year limited warranty. Stable Trac – The motor shaft is secured at both ends to lessen system-induced vibration and stabilize platters for accurate tracking, for the duration of read and write operations. Rock Solid Mechanical Architecture: Dual actuator technologies – A head positioning system with two actuators that improves positional accuracy more than the data track (s ). 5-inch SATA difficult drives combine 7200 RPM spin speed, 32 MB or 64 MB cache, SATA 3 Gb/s interface, and up to 2 TB capacity for the ultimate in power computing. Colossal cache – Bigger, faster cache of up to 64 MB means quicker performance. High Overall performance Electronics Architecture: Dual processor – Twice the processing energy to maximize performance. The primary actuator provides coarse displacement using standard electromagnetic actuator principles. Massive Capacity – WD Caviar Black SATA drives are accessible in capacities up to 2 TB. Compatible – We execute tests on hundreds of systems and a multitude of platforms in our FIT Lab and Mobile Compatibility Lab to provide our customers confidence that our drives will function in their systems. 5 Year Limited Warranty.


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